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Asanov Alik Yusupovich, Candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher, Volga Research Center of Aquaculture and Aquatic Bioresources, Penza State Agricultural University (30 Botanicheskaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Zoobenthos is an essential component of the fish food base. Therefore, an assessment of fish productivity for this indicator is necessary for any comprehensive fisheries research in water bodies. The purpose of the study was to study the seasonal dynamics of zooplankton development to determine fish productivity by this indicator of one of the sections of the river Sura.
Materials and methods. Zoobenthos samples were taken in the studied reservoir at three points of the selected station in the middle of the month of the ice-free period from April to November, 2014–2015. (and in May, 2016). Fishery products were calculated taking into account coefficients adapted to the Volga region. A comparative analysis with neighboring reservoirs (the natural channel of the Sura River and the Penza River, a sand pit) was carried out according to the results of our own research.
Results. During the study period, 52 taxa of macrozoobenthos were identified (in 2014 – 27, in 2015 – 35). Changes in the species composition of zoobenthos over the years amounted to 65 %. The monthly changes in the species composition in different years turned out to be close on average (38 and 41 %, respectively). In numbers, bivalve mollusks, small-worm worms, and diptera insect larvae dominated in different months. By biomass – bivalves and gastropods, small-worms. In 2014, the monthly zoobenthos abundance varied by 1,2–2,5 times, and the biomass by 0,9–3,0 times. In 2015, the monthly abundance of zoobenthos differed 1,1–5,9 times, and biomass 1,4–3,9 times. The differences between the monthly indices by years in terms of numbers were 1,2–3,7 times, and in biomass 1,1–2,7 times. On average, between years the abundance of zoobenthos in 2014 was 1,2 times higher than in 2015, and in biomass 1,2 times lower without Anodontastagnalis. In seasonal and interannual dynamics, the state of zoobenthos in the Gorodskoye reservoir is estimated as quite stable.
Conclusions. In the City Reservoir there is a free food base for zoobenthos and it can be stocked with valuable species of benthophagous fish (carp) to increase fish stocks and meet the needs of amateur fishermen of the city of Penza. The highest indices of zoobenthos biomass were observed in 2015 in the spring period (April, May). Indicators close to the seasonal average were recorded in all other months of the ice-free period. 

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zoobenthos, monitoring, urban reservoir, abundance, biomass, fish productivity 


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